Tutorial How To Safely Update WordPress May, 2020


With such feature, how to speed up wordpress you only need a single click to install the theme. Combining all those files into a single file is one of the best ways to reduce HTTP request and speed up your website. Each additional file is an HTTP request. Concatenation is the process of combining your CSS and JavaScript files into one file for the sole purpose of reducing your HTTP requests.

Alternatively, you can reduce HTTP requests by only loading CSS files that are absolutely necessary for each individual page. Number of requests being sent. Using a plugin like WP Greet Box will make your blog appear less robotic. This simple plugin adds a meta box on your post edit screen where you can enter the address of the new location where you want to send your users.

Alternatively, you can also use an image compression plugin on your site. You can click on the dropdown menu to see which files need to be optimized on your site. Then, with lazy loading, you can load images only when they’re visible to your visitors, which helps you improve page load time significantly.

  • Set WordPress to use https in URLs
  • Widget areas for customization
  • Audio because, at times, listening makes more sense than reading
  • Run FTP client
  • Do you know anyone who uses the plugin or other plugins from this developer
  • Website performance could be better
  • Using your preferred text editor, open wp-config.php. Here we’re using nano
  • The server you use should be protected with Super Admin Permissions

Compress images: We highly recommend you optimize your images for the web before uploading the heavy image files directly from your phone or camera. With this technology, you’ll save yourself a lot of time finding the files you need and even editing them when necessary. This is a gruesome task, but if you want to keep your links’ health, you need to perform it occasionally. Enterprises want to adopt systems and solutions that offer multiple functionalities. Naturally, the best approach is to make the content you want to restrict available to logged-in users only. Now that you’ve got detailed information on your website speed, the next thing you probably want to do is boost your website performance.



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